Wine On The Veranda: The Coffee Edition

Hilian Soldaat and Bert Pienaar joined me on this special episode of Wine On The Veranda at Impangele Guesthouse in Swellendam, South Africa.

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Top Barista

Hilian was nominated by a member of the community, Carol Beerwinkel, to be on the show because she has a very special talent.  Hilian is one of the top baristas in South Africa. In 2017, she was ranked first in the Western Cape and third overall in the country.  Wow!  Her passion for coffee was evident from the first moment we spoke.  "I love coffee, coffee is my life!", was her first words to me.

Clock Peaks Coffee Roastery

I contacted Bert from the local, artisan coffee roastery in Swellendam and he immediately agreed to do a coffee tasting for us.

Please comment on how you prefer your coffee!

Clock Peaks Coffee and Chemex

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