Wine On The Veranda: Bushman’s Trails and a Wine Tasting

I was joined by Roniël Nieuwoudt from Bushmanspad Estate at Old Gaol on Church Square in Swellendam, South Africa for a tasting of three of their wines.

Free Wine Tasting

For the month of February 2019, Bushmanspad Estate will be at Old Gaol's every Friday between 16:00 and 18:15 for a FREE wine tasting!

Bushmanspad Estate's wine philosophy is to combine the exceptional conditions of this new world terroir with the French varieties to create the best of both worlds.

Bushmanspad Estate 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

This is everyday drinking wine with flavours of tropical and citrus fruit complemented by crisp acidity.  The subtle note of grenadilla lingers refreshingly.

Bushmanspad Estate Pink Gold Rosé 2018

This vibrant malbec rosé has a bright pink appearance with creamy raspberry and strawberry tones.  It is well balanced and not too sweet.

Bushmanspad Estate Malbec 2017

Roniël explained that the malbec variety is not common in South Africa.  For "non" red wine drinkers, this is the perfect red wine!  It is medium bodied and well balanced with berry notes and complemented by very soft tannins.

I can't wait to taste some of their other wines this Friday at Old Gaol on Church Square.  See you there!

To watch my interview with the owner and chef of Old Gaol on Church Square, click here: Old Gaols, Whales and Fishing Spots

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments which wine you would like me to taste next!


Bushmanspad Estate Wine

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