Up The Creek – South African Music Festival

Up The Creek

This authentic music festival is to take place this coming weekend in the Overberg, just outside of Swellendam.

An Authentic Music Festival For South African Artists

According to their website Up The Creek was established in 1990 and has managed to adapt and grow while staying true to its original culture. Honouring only South African artists for almost three decades, Up The Creek has paved a pioneering path in the South African music festival circuit by offering a smaller, more intimate experience.

The Birth Of Up The Creek

Annie’s partner at the time, Anthony, was turning 40 in 1990. They both shared a deep love for rock ‘n’ roll and owned the Up The Creek camp from which they ran a river rafting adventure business. Annie secretly invited all of Anthony’s friends to attend his surprise birthday party that would be held at the camp. Each guest was asked to contribute R10 towards payment for the three bands (one of which was named The Worst) that Annie arranged to perform at the party.

When 100 guests showed up, Anthony expected a fun weekend of canoeing, spit roasts and having a great time with friends. But when the first band rocked up and asked, “Where can we plug in?”, he sensed that something much bigger was about to happen.

The birthday party turned into three days of unrivalled fun, continuous music and non-stop dancing. The birth of Up The Creek.

Buy your tickets here: (remember, no Under 18's allowed!)


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