The Cape Agulhas: Africa’s Most Southern Tip

You have come this far, why not go to the most southern point of the African continent?  This is the beautiful spot where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans shake hands. One of my favourite day trips from my home town, Swellendam.  This trip is child-friendly!

Total travelling time from Swellendam to Agulhas: 1h20m

Distance:  110 km

The Lighthouse at L'Agulhas
The Lighthouse at L'Agulhas

On your way to L'Agulhas you will pass through a small town, Struis Bay (Struisbaai).  It is one of my favourite swimming beaches and is located 5km from the southernmost tip of the African continent. Struisbaai is a well-known destination for swimming, fishing and has a working harbour. The Sea Shack Restaurant in Struisbaai is set on the main beach.  Fresh seafood can be enjoyed with your toes in the sand.  Enjoy the atmosphere while sipping on a local South African wine or beer!  There are also numerous takeaway restaurants in both Cape Agulhas and Struis Bay, so grab some fried calamari and chips and enjoy it while sitting on the beach.

Shipwreck at Cape Agulhas - Meisho Maru
Shipwreck at Cape Agulhas - Meisho Maru

The Cape Agulhas is the most dangerous point of the South African coastline.  Very windy and notorious for huge waves and storms in the sea, it is no surprise that part of a shipwreck, the Meisho Maru can be seen stranded there.

After climbing to the top of the lighthouse on the wooden ladder, take a breather by enjoying the grand vistas over the beautiful and dangerous coastline.  After descending, make a quick visit to the shipwreck museum.  This is included in the small fee you have to pay to climb to the top of the lighthouse.   Now follow the gravel road through the fynbos of the national park to a new stroller and wheelchair-friendly boardwalk. The short route (about 3km) leads over the rocks to the monument at the Cape Agulhas itself.  This is the perfect photo opportunity!

My trips tips:

  • Take your swimsuit and sunscreen, spend a few hours relaxing on the beach at Struis Bay
  • Climb to the top of the lighthouse for fantastic views
  • Take a photo at the Cape Agulhas monument - you are at the most southern tip of the African Continent!
  • Visit Suidpunt Potpurri Coffee Shop for unique gifts - try their carrot cake.  Yummy!

Please let me know in the comments what you enjoyed most of this trip!  Did you climb the lighthouse?

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