Pomegranate Juice On The Veranda

Mitch Boy from Jan Harmsgat is sharing some of the farms' history with me while treating me to some of their delicious pomegranate juice on The Veranda.

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What is in a name?

According to the Platter's Wine Guide, the unusual name seems to be a corruption of the original (1723) Jan Harmasz Schat', meaning the treasure of its founding owner.  Let's hear what Mitch has to say...

Health Benefits

Pomegranate seeds get their vibrant red colour from polyphenols and these chemicals are powerful antioxidants.  For the health fanatics, pomegranates are anti-inflammatory, rich in Vitamin C and is said to aid in preventing cancer and Alzheimer's disease.  A glass of pomegranate juice on The Veranda will keep the doctor at bay!

In this series of vlogs, we are going to touch on all the products that Jan Harmsgat have to offer.

Check me out trying to open a bottle of Jan Harmsgat Wine!


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  1. I love me a bit of pomegranate and would love to try some of that honey! The history of Jan Harmsgat is very interesting.x

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