Kwetu Guest Farm – Giraffes In The Overberg

Kwetu Guest Farm
Kwetu Guest Farm

Kwetu Guest Farm is located just outside of Swellendam in the Overberg of South Africa. It is home to not only two beautiful giraffes, but also ostriches, wildebeest, kudu, bontebok, greybuck, eland, sabels, springbuck, reebuck and steenbuck. Numerous bird species, including fish eagle, secretary birds and our beautiful national bird, the majestic blue crane have been spotted there.

A Highlight

I was extremely excited to see Sophie and Melvin, the two graceful giraffes, feed.  I am sure they were just as excited to see me...  It is an orchestrated dance between the two of them as they kept a watchful eye on us and allowing us within about 15m of them while they feed.  If you know me well, you will know that my favourite animal is a giraffe.  They are graceful, majestic and just downright gorgeous.  This has been one of the highlights of my life!

Giraffes At Kwetu Guest Farmm
Giraffes At Kwetu Guest Farm
Excited much...?
Excited much...?

Love And Purpose

I got the sense that everything at Kwetu Guest Farm is done with purpose and out of love.  The hospitality that I have received on several occasions by the excellent staff members, Sonja and Jonathan is warm and inviting.

As night fell on the veranda of the Springbok cottage, the serene sounds of frogs, crickets and katydids were relaxing while the springbuck and wildebeest grazed in the meadow.  Sophie and Melvin, the giraffes decided to keep me company while I sipped on a glass of wine while waiting for my newly made friends from Olivedale Winery to arrive.

In The Time Of A Crisis

Giraffes can eat up to 40kg of leaves per day.  Their diet is supplemented by lucerne and donated fruits, which they receive around 16:30 at their happy hour station as stated on their Instagram page.  During the months of May and June, they offer FREE self-drive tours to any visitor that is willing to contribute to the well-being of the giraffes by bringing along a native tree or bush.  I am sure donations are welcome as well.  Make sure that you are at the feeding station by 16:00.

Things To Do

  • Kwetu Guest Farm is open for day visitors.
  • Stylishly decorated cottages are available for overnight stays.  An overnight stay is highly recommended and very affordable.
  • A beautiful picnic spot.
  • Guided and self-drive game drives and tours of the farm with the very knowledgeable Jonathan from Southern View Nature.  It is guaranteed that you will see most of the wildlife on the farm!
Sijnn Red 2015 - Wine From Malgas
Sijnn Red 2015 - Wine From Malgas

We Will Always Have Wine

To buy great wine online - click here.

This was also an evening of spectacular wine.  We tasted the Sjinn Red 2015, Olivedale Shiraz and Olivedale Chardonnay.

Sijnn Red 2015

Yes, please!  Decanting is needed in my opinion.  The tannins were intense, elegant and well rounded.  Fruity, dark and luxurious.  This a wine for a special occasion!

Olivedale Shiraz 2017

Although young, I found this shiraz soothing and easy drinking just the way I like it.  The winery is local in Buffeljagsrivier, and this made tasting this wine a particularly great experience at Kwetu Guest Farm. It was slightly spicy, medium bodied, fruity and flavourful.

Olivedale Chardonnay 2018

This wine was one of my favourites of the season.  Where to start?  Soft on the palate and a variety of aromas on the nose.  Well balanced and not too dry. Aromas of gooseberry and very slight pineapple notes.  I was overwhelmed by the flavour explosion in my mouth when I tasted this tropical bliss.  Highly recommended!

Olivedale Wine - Respect For Nature
Olivedale Wine - Respect For Nature

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  1. Adrian

    What a wonderful surprise, we had the good fortune of visiting Kwetu on the same day 🙂 hopefully Jan has put you in contact with Jolene? If not let me know. Keep doing the great work you do and be sure to let us know when you want to visit.

    Warm regards

    1. Nicolette

      Glad that you enjoyed it, would love to come and visit!

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