In The Middle Of Nowhere

Sijnn Winery

Yay!  Alexander's grandparents offered to look after him so that Ryno and I could explore at a relaxed pace.  This is only our second "date day" in almost a year! (Yes, thank you, we will be taking them up on their babysitting offer more often from now on). We choose the road leading to the middle of nowhere.  Having heard about Malgas (some may call it Malagas), I didn't quite know what to expect.  We travel easily on this specific dirt road with our sedan car. The scenery is isolated and beautiful.

Distance from Swellendam: 46.3km

Time: 39 Minutes

Our first stop:

Sjinn Winery

This understated winery overlooks the Breede River.  Charla Haasbroek, the young talented winemaker, explained to us that Sijnn is the original Khoisan name for the Breede River.  We ended up spending most of the morning and early afternoon at Sijnn, enjoying the beautiful vistas and tasting their delicious boutique wine.

The tasting costs R100 per person, but the fee is waived if a bottle of wine is purchased.  We tasted six wines.  The first wine we tasted was the Sijnn White 2017.  I thought to myself that it couldn't possibly get better, but then we tasted the Sijnn White 2012 and I was in Heaven.  Who said white wine can't age well?  This is the example that proves the contradiction.  Described as their "Flagship White blend just starting to mature", it is unique, flavoursome and fresh.  Agreed, I tend to get very excited about tasting a new wine, but this wine was really something special.  The aromatic note of quince fruit was understated yet powerful.  Reaffirming my first impression of their beautiful winery.

The winery is described as: "A beautiful wine estate in the middle of nowhere at the end of a long, dusty, bumpy road at the Southern tip of Africa.".  They are only open on Saturdays from 10:00 - 15:00.  Be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

A Glass of Sijnn Wine
Grapes at Sijnn Winery

Malgas Pont

As the day was almost over we decided to explore Malgas a little further.  We came across the Malgas Pont.  It is the only way across the Breede River with a car.  It is famous as the only hand-drawn pontoon and it is the last of its kind in South Africa.  A standing cable is 'walked' along which pulls the ferry across the river. It was hauled by two local men (wow!), who hauled three cars 120 metres across the water at a time.

The local men, Thando and Alex were excited to see us and happy to pose for a photo.  I will definitely take Alexander to meet them.

On our way home we stopped at Oude Post Bistro in Buffeljagsrivier, for some takeaway roosterkoek (it will definitely feature in a future blog post!).  This was another perfect day trip and we are happy to return home for a glass of Wine On The Veranda.

The Malgas Pantoon
Local Man drawing the Malgas Pantoon

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