Duiwelsbos Hiking Trail

Duiwelsbos Start
Duiwelsbos Start

Trail Overview

Climb: 220m

Distance: 2km

Estimated time: 1,5 hours

Getting There

Enter the Marloth Nature Reserve at the main gate and follow the gravel road for almost 4km until you reach the hiking trail parking area. The start of the Duiwelsbos hiking trail is marked with a big sign.

My tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Pack your camera
  • Pack swimming clothes if you are brave enough to take a plunge in the rock pools

The Hike

The Duiwelsbos Hiking Trail is perfect for a bit of unwinding before or after a long journey in the car. We stopped frequently while appreciating the beauty and sounds of nature. This hike can we be done on the hottest of days, as the entire duration of the hike is in the cool shade of the forest.  It is scenic, following the river up the mountain to the waterfall.

I would rate this hike's difficulty between easy and medium.

The first 500 meters to the rockpools are quite easy with little climb and can easily be done with a toddler. After this, you start the 200m climb to the waterfall.

 Duiwelsbos Hiking Trail Waterfall
 Duiwelsbos Hiking Trail Waterfall

Take your time with this hike, enjoying the beautiful scenery and perhaps you will spot some wildlife. The adventurous can swim in the refreshing rock pools.

Here is a map of the Duiwelsbos Hiking trail for reference.

For those of you who use Strava, here is the segment.

Some of the scenery you might enjoy on this hike

For more information on Marloth Nature Reserve and Cape Nature click here.

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  1. Bianca

    Cant wait to do this hike next time I visit Swellendam @ Impangele guesthouse

    1. Nicolette

      Wonderful, would love to see here in the beautiful Swellendam!

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