Wine On The Veranda: Old Gaols, Whales and Fishing Spots

Old Gaol Sauvignon Blanc vs Old Gaol Cabernet Sauvignon The owner and the chef from one of the local restaurants, Old Gaol on Church Square, joined me on The Veranda at Impangele Guesthouse in Swellendam, South Africa for a wine tasting. On this
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The Cape Agulhas: Africa’s Most Southern Tip

The Cape Agulhas is the beautiful spot where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, it is also the most dangerous point of the South African coastline. The shipwreck, Meisho Maru can been seen stranded in the Cape Agulhas National Park. Close to Agulhas is the small town of Stuis Bay, well know for swimming, fishing and has a working harbour. This trip is child-friendly!