Another Michelin Star for South African Chef

Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen

South Africa's Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, chef and owner of the popular JAN in Nice, France has received his fourth Michelin star for the fourth year in a row.  He is the first South African to achieve this award.

JAN is described as a celebration of South-African hospitality by serving honest food.

Van Der Westhuizen, originally from Middelburg in South Africa studied culinary arts in Stellenbosch, after which he worked for food publications, locally and internationally.

It is mentioned on that it is during this time that he discovered the concept of adapting and serving South African favourites like melktert and biltong as a culinary experience in Europe.

Van der Westhuizen is known for staying true to his South African roots and is celebrated in South Africa.

We are proud of you, Jan-Hendrik!

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